Public Speaking Confidence Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Music Producer, and Entrepreneur

Dealing with social anxiety from growing up as an introverted only child, TL as he is better known, struggled with public speaking fears as a teenager and young adult. TL is definitely no stranger to the impact of social anxiety and fear has on a person's self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills. In a virtual world, today now more than ever is a need to communicate more effectively.

    When you understand the true power of self-awareness

and deliberate action, you can achieve anything.


Fear is only in the mind and the resistance you experience

is an illusion of the mind only telling you one side of the story.


My passion is to help you take back control.”


   At the age of nineteen, TL faced a fear by moving from his home town in Ohio to the big city of Los Angeles California with only $250, a suitcase and a Casio keyboard to pursue his dreams to become a music producer. He now has over twenty years of experience as a singer, music producer, audio engineer, and stage performer who has performed in popular nightclubs in Hollywood California such as, The Roxy, The Whiskey, The Key Club, and the House of Blues. As well as performed stand-up comedy and trained in comedic improvisation. He has recorded and released ten studio albums under his production company TL MUSIQ Productions. TL’s latest album is titled "Awake In The Moment", it is a collection of original instrumental music. His music currently sells worldwide in over five countries on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.


  Today he has over fifteen years of stage performance and public speaking experience. He has invested in coaches, books, studied Ted Talks, presentation structures, and mastered the art of story writing and storytelling.

   He is the author of the audiobook, book, and workbooks titled, “The 30 Powerful Presentation Delivery Tips," “The Dreamer’s Journey: Push Past Your Fears and Pursue Your Dreams”. His books are available worldwide in iBooks and Amazon.

   Thomas provides keynote presentations, workshops, and online virtual classes covering various topics such as, The #1 Key For Effective Public Speaking, Kick Your Fear In The Rear: Boosting Your Public Speaking Confidence Online Course, Public Speaking For Beginners Online Course, The Art of Public Speaking and Storytelling 5 Week Virtual Class, and The Art of Storytelling and Connecting With An Audience.


   His coaching has helped his clients improve their presentation skills, stage presence, speechwriting, storytelling, and confidence. Thomas works with both personal and corporate clients from various industries such as Entertainment, Finance   Medical, Retail, Sales, Sports, and Technology. 

Radio and TV Appearances:

- NBC KCAA Radio Inland Empire Radio

- Interview on Empire Talks Back

- Business Talk Radio Interview 

- Thursday Night Live TV Show

- Lets Make A Deal, CBS






Love yourself. Live your dreams. Inspire the world.

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