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1-on-1|Groups|Live Video

All sessions are available virtually via Zoom




  • 1 - Free Session

  • 60-minute session

  • Offered to new clients

  • Experience a one-time coaching session

  • Discover whatever is holding you back from your full potential and true greatness​ and see if we will be a good team to work together!

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  • 6 - Sessions within three months

  • 60-minute session

  • Includes a Discovery Session

  • Clarify who you are and what you want with the self-exploration process

  • Customize your coaching experience with a 3-month package

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions. 

  • Interrupt Habits and Patterns

  • Time and Money Management

  • Payment Plan Option

Support Group


  • Single Session

  • 60-minute session

  • Experience a one-time coaching session

  • Discover whatever is holding you back from your full potential and true greatness​

  • Explore the details of what you truly want your ideal life and career to be and all of the possibilities to create your ideal life right now

Starting at $100/per session

Meditation by the Sea


  • 12 - Sessions within six months

  • 60-minute session

  • Includes everything in the Self-Exploration package

  • Uncover new life and career possibilities and choices 

  • A copy of the e-book "Your Inner Greatness"

  • Customize your coaching experience with a 6-month package

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions. 

  • Payment Plan Option

Business Meeting


  • 4 - Sessions within two months

  • 60-minute session

  • Career Exploration 

  • Clarify Work Values and Skills

  • Discover Possibilities For Career

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions

Running Up


  • Explore your life work and a new career direction

  • Discover more satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaning in your life

  • Navigate a life transition or other turning points such as marriage, divorce, new baby, loss of a loved one, mid-life, retirees exploring their next chapter of life, or empty nesters figuring out where to put their time and energy

  • Discover your true Life Purpose

Certified Life Coach

Hi, I am Thomas, a certified Life and Communication Coach. My passion is helping people build confidence in themselves and the way they create their dream lives. 

Whether you dealing with a life or career transition, starting a business, pursuing a passion project, developing your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills, or looking to speak to market your business I am here to guide you on your personal journey.


Together we'll uncover what's holding you back so you can overcome fear and take action on your goals!

Discover Yourself  | Live Your Dreams | Inspire The World 

Self Discovery

Understand what's holding you back from living your full potential, how to get unstuck by understanding your motivation, and how to take empowered action. Challenge your inner critic and unlock your full potential.



Your life's vision defines who you want to be, what you want to be known for, and the set of experiences and accomplishments you aim for. Your vision helps define the goals by giving you a framework to evaluate those goals.


Fulfilling your life's purpose means facing your ‘self’. It means in other words, finding out who you really are, what is your purpose in life, establishing what your life goals are, and then finding the courage to fulfill your dreams, no matter how many steps you may have to take. Uncover your life's purpose and learn how to overcome obstacles and fears to reach your full potential.


What is a Life and Communication Coach?

A life and communication coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential, develop effective communication skills, build your confidence, and reach your desired results in your career, communication, life, and relationships.


By being coached in these important areas, you will gain all the tools you need to create the fulfilling life you deserve and desire. 

A coach is someone who will help you identity what's been holding you or your relationships back. We guide you to identify how you communicate with yourself and others, while creating a safe and supportive space for you to create action steps that hold you accountable to achieving your goals. 


If you seek help with professional relationships, we can help you improve success at work, in your career, or business. 

Having a coach helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and other potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your career, life, and relationships.

Some of the most common areas clients improve while working with me include:

  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success

  • Creating professional and personal growth plans

  • Managing an important life or business transition

  • Identifying limiting beliefs

  • Improving interpersonal skills

  • Working toward financial independence
  • Obtaining work/life balance

  • Enhancing self-awareness

  • Learning to communicate more succinctly and effectively

  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one

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