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Certified Life and Communication Coach, Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Author, Music Producer, and Entrepreneur

   Dealing with social anxiety from growing up as an introverted only child, I struggled with public speaking fears as a teenager and young adult. I am definitely no stranger to the impact social anxiety, self-doubt, fear, and a negative self-image have on a person's self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills. In a technology-driven world, today now more than ever is a need not only to communicate more effectively but also to know who you are and how you want to show up in the world. 


“When you understand the true power of

self-awareness, emotional intelligence, 

and effective communication, you can achieve anything."

   At the age of nineteen, I began to follow a passion by moving from my hometown in Ohio to the big city of Los Angeles California with only $250, a suitcase, and a Casio keyboard to pursue a music career. Today, I have over twenty years of experience as a singer, music producer, audio engineer, and stage performer who has performed in popular nightclubs in Hollywood California such as The Roxy, The Whiskey, The Key Club, and the House of Blues. As well as, performed stand-up comedy and trained in comedic improvisation. I've recorded and released ten studio albums under my production company TL MUSIQ Productions. My latest album is titled "After Hours", it is a collection of original instrumental music. My music currently sells worldwide in over five countries on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

    In 2014, I made another life-changing move when I decided to leave the comfort of a nine-to-five full-time job to pursue my passion for public speaking and coaching. This decision pushed me to discover more of my life's purpose. Dealing with fears, uncertainty, negative beliefs, and the constant battle with the voice within my whole life, it was time to take control over my career and life. The question I anxiously tried to answer was, "Who am I, and what is my life's purpose?" What I found to be true is that I have always enjoyed helping people reconnect with themselves, others, and their passions.


   I enjoy helping teens and adults boost their confidence, gain clarity, and develop a plan to live their best life. I have invested thousands of dollars in coaching certification programs, coaches, personal development books, and online courses. I have over seven years of professional coaching experience. I am a certified life coach currently pursuing another certification and coaching credential with the International Coaching Federation. 

 As a Communication Coach, I provide keynote presentations, workshops, and online virtual classes covering various topics such as:

  • 10 Powerful Habits To Build Your Confidence In Life and Business

  • The #1 Key For Effective Public Speaking

  • 3 Keys To Unlock Your Full Potential

  • How To Build Your Confidence To Get Out And Speak To Market Your Brand

  • Brand Your Story To Market Your Business

  • The Art of Public Speaking and Storytelling

  • Kick Your Fear In The Rear: Boosting Your Public Speaking Confidence Online Course

  • Public Speaking For Beginners Online Course


   My coaching helps clients clarify who they are, what matters, and how to achieve their goals. My clients discover ways to improve their lives and create more satisfaction, fulfillment, and meaning in their life and career. As a Communication and Public Speaking Coach, I help my clients improve their presentation delivery, stage presence, speechwriting, and storytelling skills by showing them how to boost their confidence and speak to an audience like a pro.

   I am the author of the audiobook, book, and workbooks titled, "Public Speaking 101: Unlock Your Potential and Speak With Confidence", “10 Powerful Habits To Build Your Confidence In Life and Business Workbook", “The Dreamer’s Journey: Push Past Your Fears and Pursue Your Dreams”, "Building Your Public Speaking Confidence Workbook", and "30 Day Wealth Mindset Journal".


All books are available worldwide on

Radio and TV Appearances:

- NBC KCAA Radio Inland Empire Radio

- Interview on Empire Talks Back

- Business Talk Radio Interview 

- Thursday Night Live TV Show

- Lets Make A Deal, CBS






Discover yourself. Live your dreams. Inspire the world.

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