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Do you want to live your dreams? Do you want to know what could be stopping you? Maybe you have a desire to leave the status quo behind, but fear stops you from pursuing your dreams. This is what many people struggle with every day, especially when reality settles in on Monday morning, as they prepare for the dreadful work week ahead. You may have had a sense that there is something else better out there for you, but few take the time to discover what that something else is.


Are you ready to pursue your dreams?

For 15 years of my life, I was running away from my dreams because of fear. I settled for the status quo, while acting as a mechanical robot working different jobs without a true purpose to follow. I just existed in the world around me, watching other people live their dreams. After series of events which led me to discover my passion and purpose, I decided to push past my fears to pursue my dreams. What about your dreams?


In this book, I help you identify your dreams, what really matters to you, and your purpose. I will share the common fears that may be preventing you from pursuing your dreams, and I give you the tools you need to push past your fears to start living your dreams right now. You will learn how to push past what I call "the seven deadly fears that will kill your dreamer's journey". 


Get ready to prepare for your journey.


Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams?

The Dreamers Journey: Push Past Your Fears and Pursue Your Dreams

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